Skin Care & Revitalizing
Body treatment

Advanced Facial with AHA (1h15m) $110
This resurfacing treatment is ideal for acneic, pigmented or aging skin. We use naturally sourced AHA's and BHA's from sugar cane and citrus fruit to slough away dead skin cells. Your complexion will be brightened and hydrated; while wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and scaring fade away, leaving the skin smooth and clarified. Highly recommended for thick, rough skin with dark-spots and especially suitable after long periods of sun exposure.

Whiten Care/ Vitamin C Facial (1h) $85
Vitamin C is one of the main anti-oxidants found in our skin. Its constant presence is absolutely necessary to maintain beauty, smoothness, and luminosity of youthful skin. The effects of the passing of time, stress, smoking, sunlight, etc., produce an excess of free radicals that deplete your skin’s reserves of VITAMIN C. As a result, many of the basic skin functions are altered i.e., collagen production, which is essential for maintaining the skins elasticity, self protection and renewal, etc. Treat your skin to this luxury Vitamin C treatment. This anti-oxidizing treatment has a potent dose of Vitamin C and antioxidant shield that will work in synergy to illuminate, re-energize and even out your skin tone.

Hydrating Glow Peel (30m) $120
(6 treatments) $600
Amazing skin repair for anyone experiencing acneic skin, uneven skin tone, or photo-damaged skin. Glycolic Acid exfoliates, reduces impurities and hyper pigmentation. Expect to notice an immediate improvement in your skin’s texture and the reduction of fine lines and pore impurities.

Collagen Treatment Anti-aging (1h) $130
A unique combination Anti-aging treatment for all skin types, which uses a pure and natural collagen mask that improves the skin’s re-hydration abilities to regenerate and restore. Collagen mask promotes new collagen production and new cell regeneration. Extremely regenerative properties for the dermal tissue, immediate hydration, while soothing wrinkles and improving the elasticity of the skin.

Foto Facial with our Omnilux Red Light Therapy (1h15m) $175
This Specialized treatment is designed to rejuvenate your skin. Start with the Beauty Break Facial and the Omnilux LED Red Light therapy application. Then relax while the skin rejuvenation Light Spa is applied to your face. The Omnilux Red Light Therapy has proven abilities for anti-aging, skin reproduction and regeneration. Your skin will be Glowing!

Aromatic Relaxing and Well-being Facial (1h) $79
A relaxing facial with massage movements that will uplift your skin and mood. A special blend of creams and essential oils with a face mask are used to help relieve stress.

Royal Jelly Deep Hydrating Facial (1h15m) $79
Our fast paced lifestyle shows on our faces with dark circles, expression lines, dull tone and premature wrinkles. The products in the Royal Jelly line fight the signs of stress and tiredness thanks to its oxygenating, energizing, nourishing, and firming properties. The skin recovers a fresh, vital, and radiant appearance. Recommended for women and men of all skin types with symptoms of fatigue, especially during stressful times. Great for dehydrated skin. Skin is hydrated and regenerated with Royal Jelly. Includes extractions and a hydrating face mask.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial (1h15m) $79
Pure T Skin is a fragrance free product that leaves the skin with a matt, uniform, and clean appearance free of comedones. It also prevents imperfections and leaves the skin with a balance of water and oil. A perfect combination of different components, which in harmony with nature, offer specific solutions for oily and acne prone skin. Recommended once a month for deep cleansing of pores. Pores appear smaller and skin is rejuvenated. Includes extractions and a face mask.

The Beauty Break Facial (45m) $49
A mini facial to refresh the skin and a mask that is customized for your skin type.

Back Facial (45m) $69
Ensure that your back is as gorgeous as your face and decollete with a session devoted exclusively to your back. Exfoliating with Tea tree and Passion Fruit scrub in the presence of steam to soften & extract comodones, blemishes and redness from your neck, shoulders and back followed by a detoxifying mud mask.

Eye Contour Treatment (20m) $25
This specialised Eye treatment with Micro-Dermoxine works effectively on the contour and between the eyebrows against expression lines, wrinkles, bags under the eyes and dark circles under the eyes. Can be added on service to any facial, microderm or Omnilux treatment.

Lifting C (40m) $75
(8 treatments) $540
Lifting C is a specially formulated treatment to maintain a healthy and vibrant skin. The lifting process works at all skin levels to produce a powerful stimulating, revitalizing toning effect. This can be added to any of the facials or can be a stand alone treatment series

Treatments include:

  • Facial firming
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Automatic lifting
  • Anti-stress and ant fatigue treatment