Body Treatments
Body treatment

Elixir of life (1h30m) $145
The most luxurious of spa therapies. A rich coating of grape, wine, and vitamin mousse mask is applied to the body to decongest, detoxify and grant vitality to the skin. This treatment is completed with a relaxing 30 minute wellness massage.
Upgrade to an hour wellness massage for only $30

The Morning Dew (1h30m) $145
A unique body treatment dedicated to well-being. Over 50 active ingredients of fruit and flowers provide luxurious yet powerful treatments aimed at regenerating body and mind while acting against common body problems such as aging skin and loss of body tone. First, a fruit exfoliating body scrub followed by a warm application of forest berries and fruit gel mask. This treatment is completed with a relaxing 30 minute wellness massage.
Upgrade to an hour wellness massage for only $30

Chocolate Crème Bliss (1h15m) $130
Escape to a state of bliss while the sensory pleasures of chocolate indulgence entice your senses. Your treatment will begin with a custom skin glowing exfoliation. Then bring your mind and body into perfect balance with a tantalizing, cocoa-laced firming mud wrap. You are then cocooned in warm linens & thermal blanket allowing the moisturizing properties of this treatment to pamper your body. To awaken your spirit - relax under a rain shower with steam. To complete this chocolate fantasy, an application of deep hydrating creamy honeydew lotion is applied.

Grape wine Fruit Exfoliation (30m) $55
A warm body scrub of organic red grapes, apples, oranges, green tea in a nourishing wine extract sea salt to exfoliate and detoxify.

Aloe Slimming Body Wrap (1h) $75
Pure aloe and herbs are used to detoxify and eliminate the toxins in the body. Warm cotton wraps soaked in the aloe solution are applied to the body followed by a thermal blanket. Aloe solution remains in the body for up to 72 hours thus continuing to eliminate toxins. Lose up to 15 inches with every wrap.

Add on to any of our Body Treatments $25
A head and scalp massage to maximize stress relief and calm your senses.

Swedish Relaxation Massage (45m) $50 (1h) $60 Slow, soothing manipulations of Swedish Massage lymphatic draining will allow your body to relax, decrease stress and muscle tension. Wonderful for people suffering from any muscular pain discomfort, high stress or tension headaches.

Hot Basalt Stone Massage (1h15m) $90
Utilizing the healing properties of Hot Basalt Stones combined with Swedish massage will deepen your state of relaxation and melt tension away.

Aromatherapy Massage (30m) $50 (45m) $65 (1h) $70
Let our Aroma therapist custom blend essential oils to your heart's desire. This Swedish massage with essential oils will increase your state of relaxation and revitalize your senses.

Pindaspice Massage (1hr15m) $90
Relax with massage using a warm cotton cloth filled with spices, nutrient rice, almond, sesame, cardamom and warm oils. Let your body, mind and soul celebrate a sense of well-being.

Steam Shower Body Wash (15m) $24
Enhance your massage with Steam Shower Body Wash, an ideal start or finish to any massage treatment. Relax under 5 jets of warm water while having a foamy body wash. Steam Shower with Rain Massage is a luxurious water treatment that detoxifies and hydrates. Light rain treatment combined with steam & relaxation massage conducted with application of body jets intensely relaxing both spiritually and physically. It is often used with other treatments.